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Startegic Partners

Partnership is a long-term commitment


Aurolahti Group Oy provides complete industrial design services with many years of expertise in the field.

​Aurolahti Group Oy specializes in 3D design, visualization, and animation in industrial machinery, machine parts, and  digital engineering.


Digital Engineering Framework

Customer-centric, data-driven engineering and product lifecycle management, powered by digital twin technology.

Aurodesk Engineering frameworks.png


Changing the future of logistics means thinking differently.

Developing the responsibility of our operations and creating better-operating methods are the joint responsibility of all of us.

We offer all our customers products and services that increase competitiveness. We think customer-oriented and act flexibly. Our culture of unique customer service is reflected in all activities. The cornerstones of our customer service are service spirit, innovation, product quality, delivery reliability and cost-efficiency.

We value each other and our customers as people. We respect each other's skills, listen to each other's opinions and work genuinely together.

Do you want to work for us? Send your CV.

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